Monday, July 2, 2007

We need Mike Huckabee

It seems like most politicians these days are lacking in the integrity and morals department. Why is that? Perhaps, it is because we have had leadership in the past that has removed barriers that once drew the line between what is moral and what is not. I find it sad that in classrooms across America we teach our youth about birth control instead of abstinence. We have teachers, counselors etc. encouraging confused young boys and girls at the most vulnerable time of their life about their own sexuality. How did we go from having prayer in the classroom, to a nation that condones some of the most reprehensible behavior. It is very sad that you cannot bring religion into schools, but homosexuality is ok. That is why I am very hopeful about Mike Huckabee, because he has come out and taken a stand for preserving marriage. He wants to lift up and praise what is good and wholesome, and most important, protect it from those who want to undermine/profane it. Our country really needs a great change, and we have to elect someone who shares that same vision. We cannot afford anymore Clinton's in the White House; we have already seen the shame and embarrassment they brought upon our country. I believe in my heart that Mike wants to take this country in the right direction, and find solutions to the problems that are not being addressed.